***Club will start up again Monday March 8, 2021 at 4:30-6pm in the Fishers HS wrestling room on Mondays, and the PHHS wrestling room on Thursdays.  ***

Krieb's Club Wrestlers:

  • Practices will begin again  March 8, 2021

  • All Krieb's Club members must have a current ISWA/USAW membership card. (Pioneer League wrestlers already have one, so just make sure to provide us your membership #). Go to www.iswa.com to purchase your card if you need one.  They are $45.

  • Dues is $100 for March-July, or $10 per practice as drop-ins.  

  • At the first practice you will need: workout clothes and wrestling shoes, ISWA card #, cash or check for club dues, and to fill out a Sign-Up Sheet and a Waiver (see the buttons above for links to these forms).

  • Check out our "practice info" link above.