Krieb's Club Mission


  • To honor the legacy of Coach Eric Kriebel

  • To develop pride, integrity, discipline and perseverance in young people

  • To raise the level of wrestling in Madison County and surrounding areas through cooperation and friendly competition

  • To provide training, competition, and life experience opportunities for young wrestlers beginning to choose and shape their values going into adulthood


Katie's Coaching Philosophy


Katie enjoyed the prestige of competing at the elite level, but she finds fulfillment most in the process and in the pursuit.  Coaches and athletes have to trust one another and to believe in one another's abilities.  When athletes and coaches agree to do their best and to push themselves past their comfort zones in pursuit of a common goal, moments of excellence occur along the way to impressive achievements.  Accomplishing a goal garners satisfaction and life-long pride.  Creating moments of excellence along the way fosters personal growth and forges life-long bonds between people who struggled through them together.

Katie began her career here at PHHS in the 1990's.  Coach Dave Cloud introduced her to opportunities available to her in wrestling after high school.  Coach Eric Kriebel coached and trained her throughout her career at the world championship level.  She got to train and coach in over 20 different countries, and throughout the US.  She also benefitted from the best professionals in coaching, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports medicine and recovery, and sports psychology during her 7 years at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  She is grateful to have the opportunity to share everything she experienced and learned from around the world within the community where it all began for her.

Some of Katie's Credentials


  • PHHS Wrestling Alum ’98, Univ. MN-Morris Wrestling Alum ‘02

  • 2X Senior World Bronze Medalist ’05, ’07 & Junior World Silver Medalist ‘99

  • 3 time National Champ, 5 time World Team Trials Champ

  • PHHS, UMM, and Olympic Training Center team captain

  • Technique Clinician ’99-present

  • USA Wrestling Women’s Future Champ Camp Director and Clinician ‘05

  • Oklahoma City University Assistant Men’s and Women’s Wrestling Coach ‘10

  • USA Wrestling cadet, junior, and senior women’s team coach for overseas trips: Sweden, Nicaragua, and Columbia

  • PHHS Assistant Wrestling Coach ’13-present

  • Happy wife of Jay Kriebel, and happy mom to little Camryn and Clara