Eric was a successful wrestler and wrestling coach. Wrestling for Eric began at a young age because of his older brother Jim’s love of the sport. Eric’s dedication to the sport, discipline and hard work resulted in great success, including numerous championships at regional freestyle wrestling tournaments; Indiana high school state finals qualifier; National Junior Olympic Freestyle gold medalist (1975); AAU Outstanding Wrestler of the Year recipient (1976); and inductee into the Indiana Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame (2002).


He graduated from Mooresville High School in 1977 and continued with a wrestling scholarship to Indiana State University. He was the assistant coach at Anderson High School (eight years), Delta High School (one year) and most recently, Pendleton Heights High School (20 years). Through wrestling, Eric made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of young wrestlers in Madison County.



Coach Krieb had a no-excuses approach to life, and to wrestling.  Too numerous to list here, Krieb's injuries never kept him from the mat or from personally challenging his wrestlers.  Because he expected performance out of himself no matter the circumstances, his wrestlers learned to set the bar high and to never let anything get in the way of the job at hand.  "Tape it up and go" sums Krieb's philosophy up well, and tape it up he did!  Ever a scrapper, Krieb would use whatever he could to score and to win each situation, including using his sizeable knee brace and plethora of tape as weapons.  

Krieb loved everything about wrestling.  His fun-loving nature taught his wrestlers to embrace the grind and to enjoy every part of a challenge.  His thirst for everything wrestling taught those around him that great focus can bring about great moments.  While his passing left a hole in the wrestling community, his lessons will never be lost in the hearts and minds of those he influenced.

Krieb coached Katie (Downing) in high school '94-'98.  She went on to wrestle in college in Minnesota and to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.  They became close friends as Katie worked for Krieb during the summers and as Krieb helped Katie train in pursuit of her dreams at the international level of competition in women's wrestling.  When Eric unexpectedly passed away from natural causes in 2013, PHHS head coach Dave Cloud offered Katie the assistant position held by Krieb.  She moved back to Indiana to take the opportunity to honor her coach, mentor, and friend.  Katie married Krieb's oldest nephew, Jay, and the two have a wonderful baby girl named Camryn.  Coach Krieb's influence on Katie is lasting and extensive.  She takes seriously her personal mission to keep alive Krieb's legacy in the sport of wrestling in Madison County.  He was a tough wrestler and competitor, a caring coach, a mentor who set the bar through example, a great friend, and a lot of fun to be around.